Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to send mail using SMTP

To Send mail u need script which u can get from following link
Mailin Package

Extract these package and paste ths mailing folder in htdocs folder

In These Package you will have following files which needs to be changed

Step 1:
-->open a.php file
-->change $mail->Username to your email-id(from which you want to send mail)
-->change $mail->Password to password of above email-id
-->change $mail->From to same email-id
-->change $mail->FromName to your application name
-->change $mail->Subject to subject of your email
-->change $sendinglist to email-id's to which you want to send mails
-->save a.php

Step 2:
-->open sendmail.ini file
-->change auth_username to your email-id(from which you want to send mail)[line no 38]
-->change auth_password to password of above email-id[line no 39]
-->save sendmail.ini

Step 3:
-->Start your Apache service in XAMPP control panel
-->Go To XAMPP
-->Go To phpinfo()
-->Check your php.ini files path in xampp folder
-->replace php.ini file from mailing package with your php.ini file

Your SMTP service is active now
run your a.php

For More Detail Check out Spaced Upon

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